Virginia woman marries bride in Baltimore with surprise flash mob and ceremony

BALTIMORE - A couple from Virginia made the trip to Baltimore not for the crab cakes, but because of Maryland's year-old law that legalized same sex marriage.

Marie Goodman and Carolyn Hudson say they’ve been living together in Virginia Beach for more than 10 years.  They’ve been planning to get married, but same sex marriage remains illegal in Virginia.

They have a cruise departing Friday from Baltimore to celebrate Hudson's birthday.  But Hudson did not know all of the details of the trip – including, that Goodman had been planning their wedding behind her back.

“We're not spring chickens anymore,” Goodman said.

“Yeah our spring sprung some time ago,” Hudson added.

Both women are grandmothers; Goodman is also a great-grandmother.

Goodman said she wanted to add something memorable for their ceremony, so she and a local dance troupe organized a “flash mob” before and after the event.  She had seen video of flash mobs online.

“I needed something special,” she said.  “Something different.  And I said flash mob!”

After the five-minute ceremony, in which they exchanged rings and vows, Hudson and Goodman said they didn’t feel much different.

“There's no difference really; we're in a relationship but yeah it's really nice. It's really really nice,” Hudson said.

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