VIDEO: 'Camp 83' being cleared out

Underneath the busy Jones Falls Expressway is a community of the city's homeless.

They call the grounds below the highway home. But today, they'll have to find a new place to call home.

The city planned to visit the area Friday morning to evict those who have set up tents underneath the JFX.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the city has done this at least four times in the past five years.

We did a story in March of last year about 15 people who were forced to leave.

Homeless advocates say clearing out the camps is not the solution to the problem. They argue more needs to be done to help the homeless find stable housing and jobs.

LINK: Camp 83 residents want better solutions

When we did the story last year, some of the campers we spoke with said they'd rather live outside because they feel safer under the overpass than they do in the shelters.

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