Victim stranded in Baltimore rehab after DUI crash gets help from ABC2 viewer

A Washington, DC man who was essentially stranded in a Baltimore rehabilitation hospital got transferred to a facility closer to home thanks to an ABC2 viewer.

We first talked to Sydney Garth in December.  Garth's mindset has undergone a complete transformation since we saw him last.   Two months ago he was down, depressed and dreaming of DC. And on this day in February he’s all smiles, because he’s finally going home.

“The interview aired on Thursday.  She came on Friday," Garth explained.

The woman who came to visit Sydney in the days following our story was an ABC2 viewer.  She asked Garth not to identify her for our story, but he explains she contacted a social worker and arranged something he's spent months trying to do, get transferred back to a facility in DC.  Garth says, "I was really grateful for all she's done."

For Garth, thankfulness now replaces the despair he felt for months.  As we explained in December, Garth ended up at a rehab in Overlea after a drunk driver left him paralyzed.  He is uninsured, so he was placed in the facility with little say otherwise.  The placement was made even though Garth would be living 50 miles from friends, family and his support network.

But Garth got support from a stranger, as well as a free ride from Butler Mobility.  As a result, he’ll now have everyone he needs close at hand.  With the unnamed stranger’s help, he’s been moved to a rehab facility in southeast Washington. From there he hopes to eventually move into an apartment of his own.

“I want to really start living my life again to the best that I can due to the new situation that I'm in," Garth said.


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