UPDATE: Criminal charges pending for illegal dumpers caught by cameras in Baltimore

BALTIMORE - Baltimore's Housing Court will file criminal charges against a man caught illegally dumping on a city street. He was captured by a surveillance camera in East Baltimore on April 2, dumping a mattress and other trash along the side of the road. Investigators were able to match the license plate caught on camera.

It's an update to a story we brought you Monday on ABC2's In Focus .

We also told you about tons of trash dumped on a lot at 2727 Kinsey Ave. in West Baltimore. An owner of a trucking company and two of his drivers will face criminal charges for that dump.

City housing department spokeswoman Cheron Porter said the owner confessed to dumping more than 60 tons of garbage on that piece of city property and another property at 3005 Washington Blvd. Bernice Diggs, a city resident, alerted us to the mess.

Many ABC2 viewers responded after our story aired, telling us about other problem areas. People who live around East Pratt and Baylis Street in East Baltimore take pride in their homes. They work together to keep the streets and alleys clean. But people are dropping off old mattresses, broken-down furniture and other trash on Baylis Street overnight, often right after the city cleans up the previous pile. Neighbors are fed up.

"They've got to catch the ones that are coming down the alley and doing it," said longtime resident Cecilia Hopkins. "Get that tag number and sock it to them. Because you know anybody that could be that rude or ignorant, to me, they're capable of anything. And it's not fair for us to have to look at it."

Right after our ABC2 news crew arrived on Baylis Street, a truck from the Bureau of Solid Waste showed up. A department supervisor took photos and told our crew every supervisor is asked to find at least 50 sites every two weeks that need to be cleaned up. Once they're in the system, they're usually cleaned up within two weeks.

 INFOGRAPHIC: Convictions related to illegally dumped waste

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is hoping a bill that would add points to a person's license for using their vehicle to illegally dump will help curb the problem. Governor Martin O'Malley is expected to sign the bill into law next month. It would go into effect in October.

We want to remind you if you spot someone dumping trash illegally or see a really bad dumpsite, we want to know about it. Let us know, by logging on to ABC2’s Facebook page .

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