Towson man overcomes lifetime of obstacles, going to college in the fall

Seth Burdine is 2 Good 2 Be True

TOWSON, Md. - Seth Burdine’s life hasn’t been easy.

He was born prematurely, declared legally blind and his father left when he was 5 years old.

Still, the now-32-year-old Burdine smiles.

“It was very difficult. I thought something was wrong with me,” Burdine said.

He was hurt by a family member when he was 12 and wasn’t allowed to join the choir or drama club in school because the teacher didn’t know how to deal with his lack of site.

Still, Burdine smiles.

“I was basically put in special education and basically made fun of because of my visual impairment,” Burdine said.

He said he has been saved by The Arc of Baltimore, a non-profit organization that provides support of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“I was drifting and The Arc has been that light that really has guided me to be able to be the person that I am today,” Burdine said.

This fall, Burdine is going to college.

Watch the video above to see more of Burdine’s story. 

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