Thousands are in jeopardy of losing the Homestead Tax Credit

BALTIMORE, Md. - If you don't fill out an application for a tax credit, you will soon be paying around $1,000 more in property taxes. 

It's a short application and takes little effort or time, but Baltimore City council members are afraid thousands will let it go.  The deadline is December 31st.

The credit limits the annual property tax increase on a primary home.  It was automatic until the Maryland General Assembly passed a law in 2007 saying all homeowners have to fill out a one-time application.

They did this because owners were getting the credit on vacation homes and rental properties.  It's only good for a primary home. 

In Baltimore City alone, 25,000 people are at risk of losing the credit.  On average, that is $1,000 a year.

"So anyone who had not applied for the Homestead Tax Credit will not get it in when the taxes come next July 1, property taxes, it will be without that discount," said Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, Baltimore City, 14th district.

The city held a news conference, but statewide homeowners are asked to fill out the application.  It's simple to request one online or by phone.

In Baltimore City, call 410-767-2165, or you can click here to request one online.

Not sure if you have applied for the tax credit? CLICK HERE


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