Third city added to Baltimore's food truck competition; proceeds benefit Moveable Feast

BALTIMORE - The competition is getting fierce.  The event formerly known as "Taste of Two Cities" is adding a third city this year, adding more delectable dishes for you to try.

"Taste of Three Cities" is a food truck competition, featuring trucks from Baltimore, D.C. and now Philadelphia.  The event is about more than just chefs going head-to-head for the best meal on wheels; it also raises money for a very important program, Moveable Feast.

For the past 25 years, Moveable Feast in Baltimore has been serving meals to people diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses, like HIV/AIDS and cancer.  In 2008, the organization moved into a warehouse on Milton Avenue to better accommodate the demand of their service.

"Back then, we were serving probably 600 meals a day, five days a week.  Today we serve 10,000 meals, we’re open seven days a week," said Tom Bonderenko, executive director of Moveable Feast.

Each day, volunteers prep, cook, package and deliver the meals to the clients, free of charge.  Most of the clients Moveable Feast serves are living in poverty.  It costs millions to operate the program, which is why Bonderenko was thrilled to learn they would be the beneficiary of this year's "Taste of" event.

"It’s a natural fit, everybody has to eat," he said.  "That’s why we’re in the business as well as a charity, especially for people who are sick.  They need healthy nutritious foods."

Drew Pumphrey knows a thing or two about making delicious meals.  He owns the "The Smoking Swine" food truck and his Carolina pulled pork sandwich will melt in your mouth.  His "Slap Yo Mama" mac-and-cheese will make you want to, well, slap your mama.  This is his first year competing in the event and he's not worried about a third city being added to the mix.

"I wanted to make sure it was a fair competition. I didn’t want to go against just one city, it would be too easy of a win," Pumphrey said.

Winning bragging rights is certainly a goal for Pumphrey and his team this weekend.  Their bigger mission, however, is to make an impact on their community and give back to Moveable Feast.

"Anytime we have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to a charity that’s local, we take it hands down."

Part of each ticket sold at the "Taste of" event will keep the assembly lines moving at Moveable Feast and allow them to deliver more nutritious meals to those in need.

"What we do, we couldn’t do without the support of the community," said Bonderenko.

This is how you feed your body and your soul.

For more information about "Taste of Three Cities" click here .

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