Family says body of missing 95-year-old grandmother found in NE Baltimore

BALTIMORE, Md. - Crime tape blocked off the alley to focus on a car where neighbors say the body of a 95-year-old woman was found. 

Police were called out around 7 a.m. Friday, close to where a flyer hangs that shows Hattie Thomas is a missing person.  Her granddaughter was on the scene with police.

"She was the one that identified the body and they called back and said it's grandma," said Henry Thomas, Hattie’s son.

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Baltimore City police have not confirmed the identity, but hours later they don't suspect foul play.  Henry Thomas tells us his mom suffered from dementia and that she lived at Ella's In-Home Care for more than seven years.  The business is at 3007 Belair Rd. in Northeast Baltimore, a few doors down from the car. 

"If somebody had grabbed her by the hand and walked her to the car and said get in that backseat, she'd had been like what I ain't getting in there,” said Thomas.       

We don't know how Thomas got in the car.  The owner and caretakers at Ella's would not talk to us, as they were taking out the trash.

Business was still going on inside, as well.  An assistant manager told us her story on Monday.

"I went down in the basement, used the bathroom, came back up and I noticed Ms. Hattie was gone," said Tracy Johnson, an assistant manager at Ella’s In-Home Care.

Thomas says the family was called back to Ella's and the story has changed.

"She started off about something about going to a psychic," said Thomas.  "The lady that told us she was missing on Saturday, she called us over there yesterday and she said I told you lies on Saturday," she said.

Those lies may or may not be criminal.

"My mom did not deserve this," said Thomas.

The caretakers at Ella's say Hattie Thomas went missing last Saturday, but now the family isn't certain about their version of the timeline.  Police are still investigating the circumstances of her disappearance.


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