Tevin Hall's family and friends gather for vigil

Tevin Hall's family and friends are left clinging to their faith and to each other after learning of his death in a four car crash Sunday morning in West Baltimore. They came together to remember his during a vigil Wednesday night. 
"I miss my baby. And that's bad that they had to take my baby from my life. I really miss him," Margaret Elbeck Sample, Hall's mother, said. 
She said her son was always joking and laughing.
When she saw the crowd of people who turned out for Wednesday's vigil, she said she didn't realize he had all these friends but is happy for the support. 
"He was so special to me. I love him so much," Elbeck Sample said. 
Hall's car was crushed Sunday in a four car crash at the intersection of N. Fulton Avenue and Presstman Street in West Baltimore.
Also in his car was his two year old daughter and her mother.
Andre Coates is one of the witnesses who ran to the rescue.  
He says all he could see was the little girl. "At the time I couldn't get her out. I went to try to touch her and I had blood all on my hands. I almost lost it because it was a baby and I didn't know how to take it," Coates said.
Hall's brother and sister say they went looking for their brother at local hospitals after hearing about the crash, not knowing he was pronounced dead at the scene.
"This couldn't happen. Not my brother. He's my only brother that I have left living. I have two sisters but that's my brother," Hall's brother, Deshawn, said.  
"I just want to say I miss my brother and I love him deeply and I wish he was here again for me to hold him one last time," Bria Farmer, Hall's sister, said.
His family says Tevin had just bought the car he was driving Sunday morning. It's a purchase now part of his family's last memory of him.
"When I took him to get his car, he said 'mom here, here is some money to get yourself something to eat.' I still have that money in my purse. I'm not touching it," Elbeck Sample said.
Hall's daughter and her mother are still in hospital being treated for injuries they sustained in the crash. 
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