Former Baltimore City police officer Teresa Rigby is celebrating life's next chapter

It has been almost three years since a car crash changed her life forever. Former Baltimore City police officer Teresa Rigby can no longer do what she loves but she is still loving life. 

Friday night, she gathered with her friends and family for her retirement party. It is not a celebration she expected to have at only 30 years old. 

"I'm just glad to celebrate and I'm glad that the people are coming out to celebrate with me," Rigby said. 
Rigby works hard to keep her spirits up and moving forward, which can sometimes be a major challenge.
She has faced a lot of challenges ever since June 21, 2011 when she was knocked over the wall of Interstate 83. It was a crash that happened as she waited with a disabled car on the side of the highway. 
"I can't say that I'm completely healed. I still have a few things to deal with and grow through but I'm in good spirits because God has kept me and He's still keeping me and He's continuously blessing me," Rigby said. 
Rigby added that it is also with the help of her husband, daughter and the rest of the people who came out Friday night her honor, that have helped in her recovery and toward her next phase in life.
That includes Adrienne Walker-Pittman, a former BWI spokeswoman whose life was also changed by a car accident.
She spent 15 days in a coma and had part of her left leg amputated in 1996 when a high speed chase in Baltimore County got out of control.
"Both of us have brain injuries and there are challenges that you have to deal with but I guess the biggest challenge is that we look normal, we look fine and it's hard to get people to understand that there's still something a little big wrong with us or a little bit different about us," Walker-Pittman told ABC2. 
Both women work closely with the Brain Association of Maryland. Every penny Rigby makes selling her survival wear goes towards the association. She made the first donation of $800 Friday night.
"I'm really trying to figure out what's my next step because all I know is law enforcement. That's what I've been in for a while so I really don't know what my next step is going to be. I'm just going to wait on God and He'll show me the way," Rigby said. 


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