Ten year anniversary of Dawson fire

BALTIMORE - Today on Preston Street people will gather to honor the lives of the Dawson family. It's been ten years since they lost their lives.

It was a crime that shook the entire city and made national news. On October 16, 2002 the home of Cornell and Angela Dawson was fire bombed.

Mr. and Mrs. Dawson and their five children died in the fire.

As a result of the deaths, neighbors, community leaders and faith based groups worked together with the city to build a monument to the Dawson's at 1401 East Preston Street.

The monument has become the Dawson Safe Haven for Children and Families. Today the center serves as a neighborhood human service center providing emergency housing assistance, social service referrals, and educational job training.

This morning we have Reggie Scriber with the Deputy Commissioner with the Baltimore City Housing Department joining me live...

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake and Housing Commission Paul Graziano will be on hand today for the 10 year memorial.

The event kicks off tonight at 6:30.

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