Suporters of Dream Act canvass neighborhoods

Event to show suport for Dream Act

BALTIMORE (AP) - High school students who will not have an official say on November sixth are still involved.

"I'm definitely more open minded toward the struggles of other people not just necessarily myself," said Taikira White. 

Through the direction of the non-profit group "The Intersection", they are planning to speak out in support of the DREAM Act on Maryland Ballots.

On Saturday, they will hold a news conference and knock on several thousand doors.


In Essex, Delegate Pat McDonough got together a few hundred people who say the dream act is anything but a dream.
They joined more than 130-thousand people in signing a referendum to push the final say to voters.
The 2011 law would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition if they attend Maryland High Schools and if their families have filed tax returns.
"They don't deserve the discount," said Del. Pat McDonough.  "They're not citizens, they're not really Maryland citizens," he said. 
They are the same people who will work the polls on Election Day.
"I don't think that it's fair that they have to be faced with this barrier," said White.  "It's not that they put it up themselves, but other people put those barriers up in front of them,"  she said.