Student arrested for impersonating school police officer


Sources say a Baltimore City School student was arrested for impersonating a school police officer.
According to that source, it's the second time the student dressed in a "security style" uniform with a Baltimore City Schools Police badge. 
ABC 2 News has learned that in the latest incident the student was volunteering to work at a store near Lexington Market as security under the guise of being City Schools Police Officer. 
While Baltimore City Schools adamantly refused to tell ABC 2 News what the student was charged with or that he in fact committed a crime in the first place, they did release the following statement. 
"The Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) and the City State's  Attorney's office are handling all law enforcement issues related to this student.  Baltimore City Schools is taking all appropriate steps as outlined in the district's Code of Conduct.  The matter remains under investigation."
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