State Highway crews begin preparations for snow storm

BALTIMORE, MD - For the 31st time in four months, Maryland State Highway Administration crews are salting, plowing, and preparing for yet another snow storm.

With up to 12 inches of snow in the forecast, keeping grocery store shelves stocked isn't easy.

"We've been nonstop all day; having a hard time keeping enough carts for all the people," said Dave Critchfield, a grocer at Bi-Rite Supermarket in Baltimore.

He says it is the typical "essentials" that have been flying off the shelves all day Sunday: bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper. But for shoppers, it's not just about grabbing the last-minute items before the storm; it's a chance to chat with neighbors about the possibility of waking up to a foot of snow.

"I just heard from a lady that we're supposed to get eight to more," said Darlene Nash, who was stocking up on last minute items. "I ain't looking for that one. No! That's a lot. I want spring to come."

"We all here doing the same thing, making sure we stock up so if we get snowed in, we can eat tomorrow!" Shopper Ricardo Baylor said, as he pushed a shopping cart full of groceries.

While shoppers waited in check out lines, 2,400 Maryland State Highway Administration crews hit the roads in preparation for the upcoming snow.



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