Star Spangled Baby Shower offers help to military expectant mothers

BALTIMORE - Military families face a lot of unseen difficulties and stress.

One organization wants moms-to-be ease the financial burdens of their growing families.

U.S. military personnel put themselves in harm’s way to fight for and maintain freedom for us and other nations. For the low- to mid-rank enlisted members, the pay isn't that great to start and they have to serve our country and support their growing families.

In steps Operation Homefront, a national non-profit organization that provides emergency financial assistance to these families.

One way Operation Homefront helps is by honoring new moms and moms-to-be by giving a “Star Spangled Babies Shower.” They bring about 50 women together or lunch, gifts and bonding which can help in the long run with support in many areas.

“A car that breaks down out of the blue can put a huge burden on a family when you're just trying to make ends meet with what you have, so we can step in and help with those emergencies,” said Cyndi Lucas of Operation Homefront.

Added Jessie Snyder, a military spouse: “That's really reassuring to know there's other mothers who know what it’s like to move and to start a family and they know what you're going through and you can really network and meet other moms which is what’ wonderful.”

The shower is about celebrating those women bringing forth life in freedom, as they maintain the growing families of those who are fighting so others may live in freedom

"It's good to be recognized especially when you’re away from family and it's really nice,” said Stephanie Ibarra, another military spouse.

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