Stadium tour to raise money for hearing impared


With seventy miles down and more than ten thousand miles to go, Jacob Landis from Annapolis rode his bike to Camden Yards on Saturday.
Landis' ride today was a part of his Major League Baseball stadium tour to raise money for cochlear implants.
He lost his hearing when he was 10 years old.
Landis' dad says he cashed in on all of his retirement funds to spend seventy thousand dollars for Jacob to hear.
The father-son duo wants to help other families.  Jacob is riding to raise one million dollars and getting a lot of attention.
"I don't want to be the star of the show because I want to make it all about the cause," said Landis.  "I'm flattered by the attention but I'd like all the attention to go to the website and the cause." 
Landis has several matching grants behind him that he hopes will help donate about one hundred implants to several hearing organizations. 
Jacob says the toughest part may be living in a van for six months.
Click here to learn more about Jacob's Ride.
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