Stadium streaker strikes again

BALTIMORE, Md. - No one around knows what's about to happen as a 26 year old inches closer to the field.  Give him a minute and Batman returns.

He strips down to a cape and tight shorts and takes the attention away from the game with his moves and an anti-bullying message on his chest.  Darren Parker was at the Ravens game Sunday night.

"I heard this big roar, and I turned and I saw this guy run across the field streaking.  You know, looked like some super hero," said Parker.    

He's not quite a hero, according to Baltimore City Police and the Maryland Stadium Authority.

"We are using that as a learning opportunity to examine what happened, examine our policies as well as our crowd management and our deployment of security personnel.  We'll be making the adjustments as necessary," said Vernon Conaway, Director, Public Safety & Security, Maryland Stadium Authority.    

No trespassing signs were put up around the field at the M&T Bank Stadium and Camden Yards after Harvey brought his same act to opening day.  Conaway says four streakers followed him in April.

Security was updated and fans have stayed in their seats until Sunday night football.  A streaker at Ravens Stadium is a first for the team.

"I'm actually amused by them.  I think it's entertaining actually.  I don't see it as a huge security breach," said Alan Meeker, a Ravens Fan. 

Michael Fish spotted actor Kevin Spacey in the stands.  He might be more amused by the amateur.

"The streaker was really good.  He had some great moves.  They tried to surround him.  He got away like twice.  Pretty fast, he had a nice cape," said Fish.    

Conaway isn't giving out a game plan, but it may be tougher for anyone to jump on the field.

"We have examined our deployment of our personnel, as well as our crowd management strategy and will be making adjustments to ensure future trespassing incidents do not occur," said Conaway.    

Mark Harvey lives in Severn.  He has a website that encourages everyone to be a super hero and take a stand against bullying.

But batman now has a record.  He's charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace.

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