St. Patricks Day celebration not fun for all

There was beautiful, sunny, breezy weather to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Canton on Saturday.
A sea of green in O'Donnell Square, but just a few feet away, some nearby residents are not happy
Nancy Longo has lived on South Curley street for 18 years and says she dreads the weekend.
She's a local business owner herself, and says she and her neighbors have a very poor relationship with some of the nearby bars.
"It's push it to the maximum because this is St Patrick's Day weekend and because I have a business here, I'm entitled," she said of some of the local bars. 
Longo said she's on edge feeling like the weekend could easily turn dangerous.
She'd like to see smaller tents, have her street blocked off from partiers, and have the music played in the streets cut off earlier in the night as the city mandates.
"It isn't just one day. It's two days and then it turns into three and then two weeks ago we had the stroll and during the week of the stroll we had trash all over the place and we had to clean it up," Longo said. 
Longo said they are making progress with the weekend celebration.
The port-a-potties in previous years were at their front door steps, but are now out of the way. They also got permits from the city to stay on their streets, taking care of the no parking ban, so they thought.
Longo says a number of her neighbors woke up Saturday to tickets on their windshields.
"We're not sitting here saying the city did wrong by us with this. They obviously were making a gesture," Longo told ABC2.
She said she would like the bar owners to do the same.
"They need to understand, if you want to do it five feet from my front door, you basically are being disrespectful that you don't care how we live," 
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