Smyth's Mr. Natty Boh, Little Utz Girl billboard set to move

BALTIMORE - There aren’t two images more “Baltimore” than Mr. Natty Boh and the Little Utz girl.

Smyth Jewelers took advantage of that local flavor when – thanks to help from local marketing agency MGH – developed an ad campaign utilizing the pair as a couple on a billboard in 2007.

However, Smyth announced that it is time for Boh and Miss Utz to move on from their Penn Station location as the billboard transitions to a digital format in early May. The couple is currently scouting locations for a permanent presence in Baltimore that will forever mark their place in Baltimore history. 

"Natty Boh and the Little Utz girl are Baltimore's version of the royal couple, which is why it's imperative that their next home pay homage to the sense of pride they instill in our city," said Tom Smyth,  president of Smyth Jewelers, in a statement. "While we wholeheartedly support digital billboards, Natty and Miss Utz are a traditional couple looking for a more permanent home that isn't quite so flashy." 

Smyth has not yet determined where the couple is going next, but is open to suggestions. Ideally, the jeweler would love to see the image be painted on brick and mortar somewhere prominent in the city. In the meantime, Baltimoreans are encouraged to catch one last glimpse of the couple's first home near Penn Station off I-83 North.

The couple married in a public ceremony at Power Plant Live in May 2011. A TV spot depicting the marriage followed.

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