Sinkhole widens, repairs still pending

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Public Works officials are still working to fix the sinkhole on Monument Street that widened over the weekend.

As a result of the expansion, sanitation collection lines servicing units between 2326 and 2336 Monument Street, even side only, may have bee compromised. As a precaution, water has been shut off to those units.

The Department of Public Works is considering permitting foot traffic on the sidewalk, and business operation between Patterson Park Avenue and Bradford Avenue.

Before repairs to the sinkhole can occur, it first must be stabilized.

Crews are working with residents an merchants in the affected area to conduct pre-construction structural surveys and install vibration and settlement monitors.

Those monitors will notify officials if damage to buildings is occurring.

Officials anticipate the stabilization of the sinkhole will last about 9 days, weather permitting. After that, repairs can begin and foot traffic can resume.

Access to properties between Bradford and Montford will remain prohibited until the hole is stabilized.

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