Single Homes for Single Moms in Baltimore

Sunseria Jenkins, is the inspiration behind a new project in Baltimore, pulled together by two of her sons, Ray Lewis and Keon Lattimore. 
"We're here, we love Baltimore and we love our families and we just want to give," she said. 
"Now we're here with an opportunity to say, let's do something that's close and dear to our hearts which is giving back to people that are less fortunate," Lewis said. 
They have created a program called Single Homes for Single Moms to help single parents looking to become responsible homeowners. It is part of their L2 Family Foundation. 
"We want to extend our helping hand to all the mothers in Baltimore and all the single families," Lattimore told ABC2. 
Lattimore says the program is a reflection of his childhood.
Jenkins raised him and four of his siblings on her own. 
"I bought my first home and I struggled to keep it and I had to go into foreclosure and lose my first home so the passion for me ... is to show that we came up. It took us like five years to do it but we wanted to come do it right," Jenkins said. 
On a night to celebrate those years of work the family said the program will go far beyond just getting families into homes. Life coaching, financial literacy and family strengthening are all included.
"You can put them in a home, that's not going to make a home but if you put them in and give them the knowledge and teach them how to get in the home and keep the home, then that's what makes a home," Jenkins said.  
"Giving the homes is one thing but providing them how to understand the homes is a totally different concept of life, right? So rebuilding families, rebuilding brands only helps our future," Lewis added. 
You can find out if you're eligible and start the application process right now. Click here to learn more. 


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