Shots fired at Morgan State University

Morgan State University will be open as normal Thursday, after a man was shot inside of a campus building on Wednesday.

Police say the victim was shot in the stomach, in the student center.

Students tell ABC-2 News the victim had been inside the building, playing pool.

"I was originally in the game room with the person too, a few minutes before it happened," said a witness at Morgan State.

"It" was a gunshot, city police say -- on the first floor of the Student Center. The victim collapsed just outside the building.

"I heard a gunshot or like a big noise," he said.  "So then I came out here to check and I found out it was him on the ground and he was bleeding."

"A guy came out, holding himself on his side.  "I think it was his left side.  He reached for the trash can and fell and hit the ground," added freshman Damian Barley.

Police advised students to stay in their rooms; effectively locking down the campus.  A city police SWAT team searched the Student Center.

"They cleared the building, rendered the building safe," said Agent Donny Moses, a spokesman for the Baltimore City Police Department.

"I's crazy to happen on my college campus you know, where you're supposed to feel safe and what not," said the first witness.

Investigators don't think the victim or the gunman were students at Morgan State, leading to questions about how easy it can be for outsiders to come in, and cause trouble.

"We have an open campus.  It is physically impossible to prevent people from the outside from coming in and in fact we very often welcome people from the community," said Clinton Coleman, the director of communications at Morgan State.

Police have not released the name of the victim, and they are still working to identify the gunman.

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