Sen. Mikulski wants VA up to speed


A pledge from Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski states Baltimore's veterans will get their disability claims process faster and the help they need quicker. 
At a news conference today, Mikulski announce a new sweeping chances in the way that the veterans administration processes claims. 
She says currently it takes almost a year for veteran benefits to be processed as different federal agencies sort through and process information at a snails pace. 
In fact, Mikulski says, Baltimore had one of the worst records in the entire VA system and an entirely new system capable of sharing information electronically will help that. 
"This remedial plan will use the best tools of technology and that has been tried 20 other field offices by June 10 of this year, we will have a fully automated system that our vets and those who will adjudicate the claim can use," says Mikulski. 
The Senator says that the budget to help handle veterans claims has doubled to $2 billion. The VA says they are also bringing in experts from other offices to get the Baltimore office up to speed. 
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