Security chief removed from BCDC plans to fight for her job

House Republicans sharply critical of O'Malley

BALTIMORE - The only person who has faced discipline since the Baltimore City Detention Center scandal broke just over three weeks ago plans to fight back.

Last week the security chief from the BCDC was removed from that position and placed on administrative leave.

ABC-2 News has identified her as Shavella Miles -- a veteran of the Department of Corrections who was moved to the Baltimore City Detention Center just one year ago.

The federal indictment released last month, of Black Guerilla Family gang members and 13 correctional officers from the BCDC details gang activity there dating back to 2009.

Shavella Miles has hired prominent Baltimore defense attorney Russell Neverdon to represent her as she tries to get her job back.

Neverdon declined to comment because he says Miles has been suspended with pay so technically she is still a state employee.

That will change after her termination becomes final next week.

Also, new federal indictments could indicate problems with the prison system are not confined to the BCDC.  This time21 alleged members of the "Bloods" gang have been indicted.  One of them is a detainee at the Chesapeake Detention Center in Baltimore City, where phone calls to the other members were monitored by the FBI.

"The indictment alleges that the defendants were engaged in an racketeering enterprise, which means they participated in an on-going criminal gang that engaged in drug dealing and violent crime," said Rod Rosenstein, the US Attorney for Maryland.

Meanwhile in Annapolis Republicans from the House of Delegates took aim at Governor O'Malley.

They held a news conference where they showed a photo of an alleged gang member using a cell phone -- in a photo taken inside of a prison by an inmate with another cell phone.

They say bills that would have increased penalties for having cell phones in state prisons have been defeated by the democrat-controlled legislature.

"If Governor O'Malley had the will to address this problem, it would be fixed. But he has neglected it and ignored it though out his entire term as governor," said Del. Nic Kipke, a Republican from Anne Arundel County who serves at the House Minority Leader.

Governor O'Malley released a statement Thursday which reads in part: "We are enhancing security procedures at the Baltimore City Detention Center to prevent money laundering, smuggling of contraband and fraternization."

The House Republicans who spoke Thursday plan to tour the BCDC on Friday, with the head of the Department of Corrections, Gary Maynard.  They say they want to inspect what's happened there since the Black Guerilla Family indictments were unsealed three weeks ago.

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