Sailabration wraps up

Watch Sailabration ships sail out at 11 a.m.

BALTIMORE - Today marks the end of the week-long Star Spangled Sailabration.

The first ships to leave are the navy warships that began at 7 this morning and then the tail ships will raise their sails and begin departing at 11.

Yesterday dignitaries from three nations came together at Fort McHenry to sign a declaration of peace on the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812.

For the past week sailors from around the world have made Baltimore their home as thousands have visited during the 7-day Sailabration.

You can watch the parade of ships sailing out from various locations. Some of the best points will be from the Canton Waterfront Park and Fort McHenry.

Watch the ships leave LIVE

The Navy warships will leave from 7 to 11 this morning. Then you can watch the tall ships set sail between 11 and 1 this afternoon.  

Watch the ships leave LIVE here and on your ABC2 mobile apps.  Download them at .

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