Supano's Baltimore restaurant owner helps fire victims

BALTIMORE - Giving comes naturally this time of year. After all, it's the definition of the holiday season. But come January, there's a restaurant owner in Baltimore who will not stop.

We met Terry Coffman from Supano's Steakhouse last year when he made many trips up north to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. He gained a reputation and now friends of a Baltimore family who lost it all in a fire this month have asked him to call on the community again.

An e-mail went out and customers started showing up to pick up dinner and drop off whatever they could afford. The family includes three children as young as five.

So toys and clothes, comforters, and comfort food are stacked up inside the restaurant.

The fire went to two alarms on December 10 th and damaged six homes on Oldham Street in Greektown, according to the Baltimore City Fire Department. No one was injured, but the damage had a big impact.

"Could you imagine if you were 5 or 8, I could not even imagine how I would feel, if everything in my house was burning and you were outside and you could never go back in," said Coffman.   

The pitch to help the community will continue through the holidays and into the New Year. If you want to help out, you can drop off items at Supano's on Water St. in Baltimore.

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