Ravens fans send team off in style

BALTIMORE - It was a cloudy grey day, today in downtown Baltimore.

And then there was sunshine.

Very dapper and looking like business men.

The Ravens are out to take care of business down in New Orleans.

Can we hear the fans scream?

Thousands of fans, some dressed for the office others in their Raven's purple filled the amphitheater to send the team off right.

It's been 12 years since Baltimore last went to the big dance.

And bringing the Lombardi back home has always been the goal.

But one more game.

One more W.

Can we hear the fans scream?

 "There is no Ravens without you guys and we're not going to New Orleans for nothing else but to bring back another ring back to Baltimore where it belongs, we love you we love you and will give it everything we got, Baltimore we love you!" Ravens' great Ray Lewis told the crowd.

When you can feel something in your bones you just know its right.

That's how the fans feel about this team and about this game.

They've watched these players beat a lot of odds and win games that seemed lost.

And they're looking at the Super Bowl as a chance for this team, their home team to prove to everyone that they're the champs of Baltimore and the champs of the world,.

Can we hear the fans scream.

"The whole city coming together it's amazing its how many years now 12, right it feels same as it did all those years ago and ten times better it really does." Ravens fan Sue Dana says.

And Ravens fans dressed the part.  Walt Griffin wore his lucky Mardi Gras outfit, complete with purple velour top hat.

"I think we got a great chance to win they won't blow them out but I think it's going to be a good game and you're ready for it....oh yeah every time I wore this they won that's why I got it on today." Griffin says.


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