Ravens and NFL family gather for Art Modell funeral

BALTIMORE - Family and friends gathered to remember Art Modell on Tuesday morning. 

A funeral service laced with Psalms and memories kept on returning to the kindness and humor of Modell, the man who brought football back to Baltimore.

David Modell talked about his father's accomplishments, but focused on his character and his relationships.

"He had so many great accomplishments. It would be easy to claim he was my hero on the basis on of those alone, but… you also know... his kindness, his sense of humor, his gentlemanliness were best exemplified in the smaller moments and were shown in his exemplary life. He was a consummate gentleman."

Ray Lewis, who saw Art Modell as a father figure, said that Modell lived a life that would make everyone smile, and had great vision.

"Modell had a vision to change the way people thought about opportunities in life," said Lewis…"Without Mr. Modell's vision there is no Ravens."

Son John Modell didn't mention his father not making it into the NFL Hall of Fame, but said that his father is already enshrined in the halls that matter, those of his mother, and his family.

"How can we really honor my father and this amazing legacy?" he said.  "We can take that love he gave us and in turn passing it along to everyone…We can honor him by asking ourselves what would Art do. We can honor him by each of us building our own hall, our hall of love and inducting everyone into that hall," said John Modell.

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