Vigil planned to remember murdered teen, still no arrest

BALTIMORE - From North Carolina where Phylicia Barnes' school dedicated a memorial and tree in her memory...


"I am very grateful for all of the things Union Academy has done for me and my family and the love that they had and have for Phylicia," said mother Janis Sallis.


…To Northwest Baltimore where the other half of the Barnes family gathered for a vigil, the memory of Phylicia is still very pronounced on this year to the day she disappeared.


"Everyone from all scopes of life is here to represent Phylicia and what she stood for, love, faith," said father Russell Barnes.


And that included representatives from all three law enforcement agencies still looking for her killer.


Phylicia's body was found four months after her disappearance in the Susquehanna River near the Conowingo Dam.


Her death was ruled a homicide but lead agency Maryland State Police have yet to make an arrest.


Time detectives know is hard on the Barnes family but say they are making headway.


"We can't be specific about the progress that is being made, but progress is being made.  Again a lot of hard work has gone into this from a lot of committed people," said spokesman for Maryland State Police Greg Shipley.


And the work continues as the Barnes family keeps Phylicia's memory alive with a vigil.


Family members lit a purple candle for the 17 year old and a white one for other victims; a symbol of pain, but also of resolve and solidarity for a family still waiting for an answer.


"We are moving on, pressing to make sure this murderer, these killers will be caught.  Simple as that.  We have to.  As long as Phylicia can rest...that is my goal," said Barnes.


Part of having the vigil for the Barnes family is to also keep her story in the public eye.


If you know anything about her disappearance or murder, you're urged to call the tip hotline at 855-223-0033.

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