Private school first to give iPads to students and faculty


A local high school is on an adventure to become the first all-boys private school in the Baltimore Metro area to put iPads in the hands of its students and faculty. 
With almost $300,000 in grants, Archbishop Curley High School will embark on a "1:1 Apple iPad Program" beginning with the class of 2017. A "1:1 Program" means that each student and teacher will have an iPad4 for classroom work. 
The initiative goes beyond replacing notebooks, and encompasses a new way of teaching and learning that includes Apple TV to project the work of students on the board, interactive assignments and assessments and much more. 
The funding for this initiative has com in from grants from two local and one national national foundation. The Sheridan Foundation granted Curley $100,000 and Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Foundation gave a generous grant of $85,800. 
The Speedwell Foundation, a national group focused on Catholic education provided two additional grants of $23,950 and $75,000. 
 Fr. Joseph Benicewicz, OFM Conv., the school president, notes that when combined the grants contributed to the school totaled $284,750. "We are grateful to receive the generous support of three foundations without whose support none of this would be possible.  I believe their commitment to Archbishop Curley also demonstrates their confidence in our vision for student learning and in our capability to implement a program that is forward-thinking and transformational."
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