Principal dresses up as fruits and veggies to get kids pumped about healthy eating

BALTIMORE - Any parent knows getting your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables can start wars at the dinner table.  A principal at a Jewish school is using a different tactic to get kids excited about healthy eating.

Principal Moshe Margolese loves to dress up in costumes.  So it only made sense when National Nutrition Month rolled around, he would don different fruit and vegetable costumes to greet his students in the morning. 

"I think that happiness and joy creates an atmosphere of better learning and better education," said Margolese.

Whether dressed as a carrot, an apple or a peapod, Margolese brings lots of energy and enthusiasm when greeting his students.  He knows each of their names, and playfully quizzes them about their eating habits.

"Am I full of iron, protein and healthy? True or false?" he asks one little girl.  She smiles at him and shakes her head as he escorts her out of her parents' car.

"Learning in general is about life-long learning and that has to be associated with positive memories," Margolese said.  "So when a child spends 12 to 13 years of their life in school, they should be able to look back on that and say the time and say 'I spent most of my time learning that was a good experience.'"

Part of the inspiration to dress in costumes came after Ohr Chadash won $1,000 from the Giant Food A+ Rewards Principal Challenge.  The school was one of 5 entries out of hundreds to be chosen to receive the money.  To complete the challenge, Margolese, along with a manager from Giant, had to dress in costumes each day for one week.

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