Preakness festivities continue

BALTIMORE - The Preakness Stakes isn't here yet, but there are still a lot of Preakness activities to do.  Check them out!

Alibi Breakfast

The Alibi Breakfast has been around for about 70 years.  It's a lighthearted time when trainers can give their "alibis" for why they aren't going to win.

Sunrise over Old Hilltop Tours

Sunriseover Old Hilltop tours are on a first-come-first-served basis.  Meet at the Grandstand Apron from 6 to 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Black-eyed Susan blanket construction

The floral blankets that will drape the winners of the Preakness Stakes and Black-Eyed Susan Stakes will be designed and created at the Giant Food in the York Road Plaza Shopping Center from 9 am to noon.


Crab derby

Our very own Kelly Swoope will be picking a blue crab and trying to get it to the finish line first.

The event is at noon at Lexington Market. The winner takes home a "purse" of $500 to the charity of choice, as well as a bushel of crabs .

Also, remember that there will be several road closures near Pimlico Race Course starting Thursday night.  Find out what they are and how they could impact you here .

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