Police arrest 4 in 3 seperate murders

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Baltimore City police have been working hard to close three separate murder investigations this past week.  Four people have been arrested and charged with first degree murder.

First, police responded to shooting on May 13 th on the 1600 block of East 32 nd Street.  The victim was shot while playing video games in his basement.  Nearly a month later, police arrested 19-year-old Sean Randall for murdering the victim.  Randall is also charged in a shooting from May 13 th, near Chilton Street.

Next, officers were called to the 1200 block of Woodbourne Avenue on May 28 th for a cutting.  Upon arrival, the victim was found suffering on the floor from multiple stab wounds.  Police arrested and charged 44-year-old Kevin Whittington for murder.

Last, police responded to another stabbing on June 2 nd in the 1200 block of East Lafayette Avenue.  The victim was stabbed multiple times and died from the severe wounds.  Police arrested 35-year-old Emanuel Fowlkes and 26-year-old Temeka Clark for the murder of the victim.

Police say that these cases could not have been solved if it was not for community intelligence.

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