Pit Bulls that attacked poodle in November could be euthanized

Pit Bulls

BALTIMORE - The owner of a poodle severely injured in a pit bull attack in November says the pit bulls should be euthanized – but the owner of the pit bulls says, not so fast.

The injuries suffered by Mischa, a 3-year-old white standard poodle, are severe.

"It was the most frightening thing I have ever seen," said his owner, Joanne Dolgow.

She lives in the neighborhood north of Patterson Park.  She had just driven home with Mischa, on November 18th.

"I reached to get my purse and things, and by the time I did that he was totally pinned to the ground and these two dogs were tearing out hunks of flesh," Dolgow said.

She says it took her and a neighbor who came out of his house to stop it.

"I was screaming, throwing bricks, pieces of wood … doing anything I could to get these dogs off of this dog," she said.

Monday night, Mischa and her owner were in the same room at the Southeastern Police District, with the owner of those two pit bulls, Angel Perez.  They appeared at a meeting to address the issue with police.

They did not meet publicly, but we're told city police did set up a private meeting.

Perez was given a misdemeanor citation, for allowing his dogs to be outside without a leash.  He told ABC2 News his dogs have never been vicious; he says he's not sure who opened his back gate on November 18th to let them out, and he believes another dog attacked his dog before the incident with Mischa.

"I just don't get the story," he said.  "I think my dog was being more defensive.  "We're a regular family, we don't train our dogs to fight. They only lick you to death, that's about it."

The dogs are being held by the city's Office of Animal Control.  Angel Perez says he's fighting to get them back.  "I love dogs.  I feel sorry for Mischa, we all feel sorry for Mischa," he said.  "I wish we could go about this more different."

But Joanne Dolgow says the pit bulls should not be given the chance to attack any other dogs.  "These dogs need to be euthanized. You know, they can't be let go to come back to the city," she said.

That will be up to the city's animal control office -- there is a hearing this Wednesday at 9:00 am.

Joanne Dolgow says so far her dog's treatments have cost more than $5,000.

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