Pictures appear to show Orioles workers dumping trash in sewer outside Camden Yards

BALTIMORE - Photos obtained the by the In Focus team show Orioles ushers pouring what appears to be trash in the city sewer grates.

The pictures were taken on Wednesday, after a day game with the Detroit Tigers.

The location is on the west side of Oriole Park.  That's where the team set-up a smoking area for fans.

The In Focus team showed the pictures to the Orioles today.  The team promised it would make sure this wouldn't happen again and gave us this statement:

The Orioles do not condone the disposal of any trash in the manner appearing to be depicted in the photographs shared with us today.  This behavior goes against all club policies and practices for trash removal and appears to have been initiated by one or two event staff members. Since learning of the matter, we have spoken to one of the employees pictured, and the matter will be appropriately addressed with anyone involved.

The team also pointed out its longstanding relationship with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.  Players record public service announcements for the foundation.

The Orioles also passed along the team's green-friendly practices, which you can see here .  

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