Performers bring high-flying and awe-inspiring stunts to Baltimore

"Dralion" show in Baltimore

They wow you with their acrobatics, high-flying stunts and fancy footwork. And starting Wednesday night, you can catch the performers with Cirque du Soleil in Baltimore.

This show is called Dralion and is described as a "harmonious blend of Eastern and Western acrobatic prowess," according to the website.  The acts vary from hoop diving, to hand balancing and juggling stunts.

The show runs through Sunday at First Mariner Arena. 

Ticket info

Ticket Prices: $147, $97, $77, $57, $37

*Tickets are $5 more on Saturday, August 25*

Wednesday, August 22 at 7:30pm
Thursday, August 23 at 7:30pm
Friday, August 24 at 7:30pm
Saturday, August 25 at 3:30pm and 7:30pm
Sunday, August 26, 1pm and 5pm

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There are approximately 23,000 parking spaces in the general vicinity, and an 850-car garage attached to the facility on Howard Street for the convenience of patron parking. You can find parking at:

The Arena Garage is located on Howard Street. To contact the garage call 410-837-2060. Open 24 hours a day.

To reserve parking at the Arena garage for an event, please visit . Please note that the reserved space will not be in a designated section of the garage. This feature is not owned or operated by 1st Mariner Arena.

To contact them with any questions or concerns, please contact them directly at 1.800.800.PARK (7275).
Days Inn Garage, located at 221 West Lombard Street, across the street from the Arena on the corner of Lombard and Howard Street. To contact the garage call 410-576-1000. Open 24 hours a day.
Arrow Parking, located at 210 West Baltimore Street, located behind the Nancy S. Grasmick School building.

To contact the garage call 410-727-6811. Open 24 hours a day.

The Avalon Centerpoint, located at 310 West Baltimore Street. To contact the garage call 410-244-5766. Open from 7 am-11 pm.

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