Ostrowski's remains open as business mourns owner's death

BALTIMORE - On this Good Friday, it is a sad Friday, for this is the first Easter without John Ostrowski stuffing and wrapping up our sausage.

Ostrowski, known to man simply as “Johnny O,” died this week of Alzheimer’s. There was a line around the block of the Fells Point business when his store opened this morning and it has been steady all day. 

Steady with memories, steady with hugs and tears for Ostrowski made us laugh and made us feel good and knew us by name. 

John Reusing, who owns the place now, vows to keep everything just the way “Johnny O” left it. Those picking up their sausage knew what this day meant.

Ostrowski took great pride in saying you could only buy Ostrowski sausage on Washington Street and nowhere else. A mass will be held next week at Holy Rosary on Chester Street.

Ostrowski said in the past he could sell 20,000 pounds of sausage on a typical Good Friday. 


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