O's ushers bring friendship and healing

BALTIMORE - Don't know where your seat is? Have a question about where to eat? Looking for a restroom? They have the answer.

They're the ushers at Camden Yards. Whether it's at the gates, clubhouse or concession stands, friendly faces are here to help.

No matter where you are or who you talk to, it feels good to be a fan.

Luther Miracle dug into his pocket to share a picture of his friend Steve Bisotti. He's made a few friends over the years while manning his post at The Yard.

 "Earlier in the year somebody said, ‘how do you feel about the Orioles?'  I said I don't give a damn as long as they don't finish in the basement," Miracle said.

A man who embodies the words "hard work," Henry Wolf, a Sparrows Point retiree, has worked part time at The Yard and loves every minute of it.

"Every one of the people I have worked with here at Camden Yards have been nice," he said. "Every one of them. They're my family.  All these people are my family."

The seventh inning stretch allows Charlie Zill a chance to heal while making you laugh Zill,'s battling lung cancer and says there is no better medicine than getting a laugh at a game.

"In the last three years, I have developed lung cancer, and I'm a survivor," he said. "I'm battling it right now. I'm taking chemo. This here is good medicine for me. Being here is good for me."

"Three things in life my father taught me: be nice, treat people like you want to be treated and accept a person for what they are. There is no race, color or creed. I'm 80-years-old. I've been doing that all my life. No reason to stop now."

Henry, Charlie and Luther.... When you put the three together, over a century of meeting and greeting with a smile

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