Orioles fans experience tighter security

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Camden Yards saw increased security at Tuesday night's Orioles home game; all of it in response to Monday's explosions at the Boston Marathon.

The first sign of increased security:  bomb inspections on vehicles outside of Camden Yards.

There was an increased police presence as well- and bag searches took longer than normal. Items had to be removed from bags, unfolded and then placed back in.

All of these measures in response to Monday's explosions at the Boston Marathon.

"We need heightened security, to be honest with you it's pretty easy to walk through the gate at any sporting event," Doug Hakey, an Orioles fan, said.

But some fans feel the show of force, may be just that.

"I think you've got to just show that there is some security involved to make everybody warm and fuzzy and if you don't do it then everybody is like well you're not protecting us the way you should be," Rocky Ehrlich, another Orioles fan, said.

Officials with the Orioles say they started planning for the start of this home-stand shortly after seeing what had happened in Boston.

In addition to the increased police presence and security measures, they say there are also elements of their security plan that fans won't see.

"It's important to note that Major League Baseball already has a very stringent set of policies that clubs have been implementing for the better part of a decade," Hakey said.

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