NYC soda ban kills choice; consumers say

BALTIMORE - There are many things in the world that are a bigger danger to your immediate health than a soda bigger than 22 ounces.

Angry bears for one.

But you have the choice to live around bears, like you have the choice of whether or not to drink a high fructose corn syrup packed soda bigger than your head; unless you live in New York City, and if the man who's been dubbed Nana Bloomberg get's his way.

And he just might.

Bloomberg has been successful in getting bans on trans fat and sodium and now it's sugar's turn.

 "Our administration is saying to every New Yorker that you are not alone. " Bloomberg told reporters at a news conference. "

This group of teens says they don't drink a lot of soda.

They prefer a nice cup tea or in this case a large lemonade to share and a large sugar coated pretzel but that's not at issue.

This issue is choice.

"The health of the public I think it's important that people are given healthier choices but I don't think that it's right to say no you can't have that that's your personal decision that's up to you. "   Katrina Schmidt says.

But for adults the issue is whether or not a government has a right to limit that choice.

You can choose what restaurant to eat in, what beer to drink, or what size beer for that matter.

You can choose the clothes you wear and what sizes.

It's an invasion into how irresponsible or responsible you really want to be.

 "I don't think that it's there right to I think it's a good idea to put more information out there and more education and let them know about the dangers of over drinking like sugar and soda products but I don't think they should step in and make the choice for us." Anne Lipinski says.

By the way businesses in New York are trying to fight the measure.

They say it is all about consumer choice.

But Bloomberg has been very successful in getting his way with things like this and is warning businesses that this change is coming.

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