Northbound trains delayed for hours

BALTIMORE - If you blinked, you might have missed one of the few trains headed southbound towards Baltimore, but the northbound rails remained empty for hours.

"First thing a guy says is,'Hey you going to New York?'  'Yeh.'  He's like, 'You're not taking the train,' and he peels off and walks away," said Yankee fan Adam Harvey of Queens.

As the Orioles divisional series shifts back to New York, many Yankee fans had to shift their plans after they were met at Baltimore's Penn Station with long lines, delays and cancelations.

"I just came in here to find out," said Bob Groder of Springfield, New Jersey, "I was here for the two games and I'm looking at the board and I see some trains are canceled."

Marsha DeLoach boarded her first train here at 8:45 Monday night.

She was shifted to a second one at 3:45 in the morning and spent hours waiting on board before joining the growing multitude of passengers stranded inside the station.

"Then they told us that the electrical... all trains are delayed between here and New York because between Aberdeen and Delaware---power outage," said DeLoach, "So if you notice---everything in there is delayed."

MARC trains continued running through the outage and Amtrak dusted off a few other trains powered by diesel fuel to begin running a limited service by mid-morning.

Not soon enough for a Yankee fans, like Groder, coming off of a loss.

"I have to say coming here usually it's always Yankees fans taking over the ballpark, but now it's not like that anymore.  The fans are coming out loud... like I haven't heard it in 15 years.  Now I just hope I get home safe."

And for other, the delay impacted for more serious business than ball games.

Marsh DeLoach is missing her mother's heart procedure.

"I feel bad because I can't be there with my Mom, but it's okay.  She's in God's hands.  She's alright and I'll get there."

*Early Tuesday afternoon, Amtrak announced it had reopened two of its three northbound tracks while it continued repairs on the wires above the third.

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