East Baltimore fires displace 3 families

There were no injuries

Just before noon on Wednesday, firefighters responded to a report of smoke coming from the roof of a row house in the 28-hundred block of East Madison Street where 15-year old Victoria Mock and a 9-month old baby in her care had to evacuate.
"I was in the room with my nephew, and I went in the bathroom and I saw the ceiling start turning black,” said Mock. “And then by the time I called my sister, she answered the phone, I saw the fire coming down so I ran out of the house as fast as I could."
It appears the fire spread through the ceiling to a neighboring row home forcing a large family with four adults and three children from that dwelling as well, and now the city is stepping in to provide all of them with temporary housing as the investigation continues into what sparked the flames.
Before firefighters could clear the scene, another call came in and many of those same engines responded to yet another fire, this time on East Lanvale St. less than two miles away.
While that fire, too, remains under investigation, it appears it started on the ground floor before climbing into the second story.
That fire and the subsequent heavy smoke left two more people homeless and helpless as they watched firefighters attempt to save their home and their belongings.
Fortunately, while the fires displaced a dozen people, everyone was able to get out without injury.
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