'No Boundaries' aims to make Baltimore better

Around West Baltimore, people are trying to do their part to rebuild.

Members of the "No Boundaries Coalition” moved their meeting up a week to talk about recent events in seven West Baltimore neighborhoods, including Sandtown-Winchester.

ONGOING COVERAGE | After the Baltimore riots 

They say getting back to normal won't be good enough. 
After the death of Freddie Gray, and after the riots, it’s an attempt to put the neighborhood back together -- better than it was before.
“You have to dig into the whole of the issue and pull out the bad weeds. It's something that you can just graze over,” said Greer Dorsey, of the No Boundaries Coalition.

Members have been talking with hundreds of people around the community.  They say they feel unsettled by Gray's death, and the violence that followed.

“Residents said they don't feel safe in Sandtown right now; the neighborhood feels like a war zone,” said Ray Kelly, also of the coalition.
They want abandoned homes improved or removed, jobs and opportunities for young people -- and, they say, more respect from city police.

“You can't keep pushing someone into a corner and don't expect them to react, and then you blame them. That's victim-blaming,” Dorsey said.

Sandtown-Winchester residents also say they want an investigation into what they see as corruption in the Western Police District; they're basing that off of their encounters with city police over the past several years.

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