New lion cub joins Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

BALTIMORE - The story of the Maryland Zoo lion cubs appears fraught with sadness.

The two cubs were born in early October, although their mother died shortly after giving birth. Death again has become part of the cubs' story, although this time with perhaps a happy ending.

About 1,100 miles away, a female lion cub lost her two brothers. The first male cub died from maternal neglect in September. The other cub died from a metabolic imbalance in November, according to a release from Zoo Miami.

As a result, the 3-month old female cub will join the two young lions in Baltimore.

"We feel very fortunate to have connected with the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore which has agreed to accept the cub and hopefully be able to introduce it to two other cubs of similar age that are presently being raised there," Ron Magill, a spokesman for Zoo Miami said in a statement. "The ultimate goal will be to properly socialize this cub so that she can be successfully introduced into a pride as an adult."

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