Neighbors reach out to road collapse victims

It is going to be a long road ahead for people who live on 26th street. Victims of a collapsed street above CSX railroad tracks are now in an ongoing conversation with city officials, all while being out of their homes for a least another month. 

Train operations are about the only thing that's back to normal at 26th Charles streets.
City officials say over the next few weeks they will be building a temporary wall for stability at the site. After that, they have a better idea of when people can get back to their homes. 
"If I have to put up with it a month or so, it's a story to tell my grandkids," Mark Truelove, a 26th street resident, said.
Truelove says he's pretty happy with the response to the collapse and the treatment he and his neighbors have received. 
"While there is a lot of conversation about whose fault it is, it's certainly not the residents fault and we're doing everything we can to put their lives back together as soon as possible," Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.
The city has provided them with temporary living arrangements and Mayor Rawlings-Blake says they are also working on reimbursements as well. City leaders though aren't alone in working to make it easier on displaced residents.
 The Charles Village Civic Association is collecting donations to try to offset some of their immediate expenses. 
"That's what Charles Village is all about. It's a close knit neighborhood and we know about how to reach out and help each other when we're in need and that's the least anybody can do," Sharon Guida, a member of the Charles Village Civic Association Board of Directors, said. 
They, along with the Old Goucher Community Association have come up with the "It takes the village" fund. As of Sunday evening, with donations from other community organizations and individuals, have raised more than $1300.
For Truelove, it is all about accepting the unfortunate situation for what it is, and waiting for it to be resolved.
"I think the needs are well known, I think we need to be patient, observant, make sure things are getting done as they are promised to get done but nonetheless let them happen and we'll probably end up in a good place," Truelove said. 
If you would like to contribute to the 'It takes a village fund', send donations to Charles Village Community Foundation Inc., c/o Sandy Sparks, President of Charles Village Civic Association, 2942 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore MD, 21218.
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