MTA misses deadline for Red Line funding proposal

The Maryland Transit Administration has missed a key deadline in its attempt to secure funding to build the Red Line -- a planned east-west railway through Baltimore City.

As part of this year's budget, legislators in Annapolis required the MTA to submit a plan by July 1, detailing how much money to pay for the Red Line would have to come from Baltimore City and Baltimore County and just how the city and county planned to get that money.

Now we've learned the MTA has not submitted a plan, and has instead asked for an extension to Sept. 1.

As we reported on In Focus last month, the MTA is asking the city to contribute $200 million to the rail line's construction, and for $50 million from Baltimore County.

The city has not specified how it plans to pay its share.


A spokeswoman for County Executive Kevin Kamenetz told ABC2 News the county was still reviewing the request, and indicated that the Red Line was supposed to be paid for only with state and federal funds.

A representative for the MTA did not return an email message seeking comment. 

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