Mt. Washington Tavern to open Nov. 1

BALTIMORE - In less than a month, a popular Baltimore restaurant closed after a fire tore through its wall will reopen.

The Mt. Washington Tavern was a total loss after the fire in October of 2011, but owners quickly worked to rebuild what they say was a multi-million dollar investment in the more than 30-year-old staple on Newbury Street in Baltimore.

Demolition began quickly, blue prints for the new tavern were drawn, and customizable bricks were sold as a part of the rebuilding process -- a way for the public to help not only the tavern but the nearby Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. With each brick sold, a new piece of the new tavern and a $75 donation to the hospital.

After more than a year, owners say the tavern is set to reopen on November 1.

Deemed a historic landmark, the Mt. Washington Tavern was touted as being unique to Baltimore with prints, paintings and engravings on the wall. Owners hope the rebuilding process kept the unique feel of the establishment, it's one of the reasons they considered customizable bricks for the rebuilding process.

The original restaurant was built/remodeled by Gilman graduate Wil Baukhages and Town High graduate Doug Fry.

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