MSU academic team again looking for victory

BALTIMORE - They came home champions last year, and now they're gearing up to bring home another trophy.

We're not talking about some star football squad. It's actually Morgan State's academic team.

They'll be competing against the best and brightest students across the country in the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge.

The competition starts off with 100 schools, then gets narrowed to 48 historically black colleges and universities that go to California to compete.

Although Morgan State won last year, they are setting higher expectations.

"I say if you're not going in there for the win, why go? So, I'm definitely hoping we bring it home again," said Dr. Oluwatosin Adegbola, the coach of the team.

"We've prepared," Dr. Adegbola said. "I have an amazing team. I'm hoping for the best."

Morgan State's team has four students. They say it feels good to be recognized for something positive.

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