Two popular college students, teen killed in Fells Point crash

BALTIMORE - A popular Morgan State student & a first-year Stevenson University student are dead after a high-speed crash in Fells Point late Thursday night.

The crash happened at Broadway and Bank Streets around 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

Morgan State officials say one of the victims is 23-year-old Julian Benson. The other victim is a first-year Stevenson University nursing student Zoey Crumpton.  Crumpton is a '11 graduate of the Bryn Mawr School for Girls.

Benson was Mr. Morgan 2010.   Administrators say Benson was a very popular and well-loved student.

"[He was] tremendous. You check social networks, you hear student's heart breaking, it's heart breaking," said Morgan State University's Jarrett Carter.

Counselors are on campus at Morgan State today to help students handle the grief.

Benson was also an intern at the Maryland Transportation Authority in its communications office for the past two years.

"Julian was a wonderful spectacular kid, his loss is devastating.  He brought vibrancy and life to our office.  We are all shocked to learn the news early this morning, " said MTA Director of Communications and Marketing Jawauna Greene.

Zoey Crumpton was the passenger in the 1997 Eclipse that was hit by Benson's Durango.

Crumpton was just starting her college career and working toward her goal of being a pediactric nurse to work with children.

"We're just about 6 weeks 7 weeks into the semester and then she was just 6 weeks 7 weeks into the beginning of her college years," said Stevenson University's John Buettner.

Crumpton's family and friends told ABC2News they were too emotional to interview with us about the 18 year old.

Stevenson, like Morgan provided grief counselors for students today.

According to the accident report, witnesses say Benson's Durango was speeding and police are looking into whether or not Benson blew the red light.

Baltimore Police are not ready to assign fault to anyone in this deadly crash.
It will take some time before the accident reconstruction team can determine that.

Both Benson's passenger and Crumpton's driver suffered only minor injuries.





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