Monument street sinkhole opened again

People evacuated from homes...

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - It has been nearly a month since a sinkhole opened up in the 2300 block of Monument Street, and the hole reopened Sunday afternoon in the midst of a storm.

A storm tunnel, which dates back to 1930, carries tons of storm water and lies 50 feet below street.

According to Kurt Kocher, spokesperson for the Baltimore Public Works, says that crews have done work to stabilize the drain and cover the hole, but Sunday's storms caused that equipment to be sucked into the hole.

Due to unsafe conditions, people are being evacuated from their homes.

The sidewalk has also been closed off to pedestrians.

Other services have also been affected, including gas lines and Verizon.

Public Works crews will not be able to fix the problem until the stormy weather subsides.

Kocher says that this job may take more than a month to repair.

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